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The Fire Brigade Museum offers a wide range of educational experiences and subjects. We are developing Virtual and  augmented reality experiences to compliment our hands on opportunities, striving to improve safety and mitigate damage to the environment. Museum volunteers are always very pleased to attend schools, youth organisations, societies and groups to deliver talks. The list below is not exhaustive, please get in touch with us to discuss what we offer.


We provide educational experiences supporting the National Curriculum such as The Great Fire of London. We explore with young learners, the origin of the fire, the damage it caused and how it influenced the modern Fire and Rescue Service we are fortunate enough to have today

We deliver sessions on the involvement of the Fire Service in historical events such as the the Second World War, looking at challenges, triumphs and how these events influenced the evolution of the Fire Service 

Our range of technical lectures look in to major events such as the Moorgate  underground crash, The Kings Cross fire and more recently the Grenfell Tower fire. We explore what led to the occurrence of the events, a timeline of the event itself and utilise research and inquiry outcomes to highlight learning outcomes, in the hope of preventing such disasters happening again.

There are many people who have had major impact on the evolution of the Fire Service. Although some are well known for their deeds, there are equally many figures in our history who made major contributions to the working conditions and effectiveness of the Fire Service who are less well known. We look at who they are and their contributions toward our modern Fire and Rescue Service 

The modern Fire and Rescue Service is one that seeks to be as diverse as the communities they serve. We deliver the stories of trailblazers throughout the history of the Fire Service, overcoming barriers, enduring discrimination and unacceptable behaviour to become effective members of the Fire Service, serving long careers. We aim to show that it doesn't matter what your background is, a career in the Fire and Rescue Service is for everyone

We are available to attend fetes, shows and living history events to raise awareness of our Museum and objectives.

Safety is an important objective for our Museum. We seek to support Governmental and lo Local Authority safety campaigns through the delivery of safety messages and learning experiences to compliment the work of prevention by our 999 services . We work with partner organisations to delvier specific safety training such as first aid, fire safety and emerging issues such as acts of terror and dealing with knife wounds

Do you have budding Firefighters? why not treat them to our Firefighter experience. Learners are invited to get hands on with Firefghting and Rescue equipment under the supervision of fully trained operational Firefighters. This not exclusive to young people, for adults there is a chance to drive the fire engine too!

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