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Welcome to the Fire Brigade Museum !


We are a Museum situated in the historic Market Town of Romsey on the outskirts of the New Forest in Hampshire.

The objective of the Museum is to preserve the history of the British Fire Service mainly through the collection and preservation of fire engines from all eras, being both a tourist attraction and an interactive educational tool.


The Museum has the vital role of raising money to support 999 workers suffering from mental illness such as PTSD. We will do this by using the museum as a place to come to be supported by people who understand what they are going through. We will use all revenue raised by the Museum's activities to pay for the specific treatment required to help with their conditions to help them get well and back to work. Such treatments are difficult to access quickly if at all without private treatment access.

The Museum will also support young people who suffer from severe confidence issues or mental illness, as they transition from Secondary Education by offering Apprenticeships,Jobs and work experience in an environment where they are safe and supported to gain confidence and thrive amongst people who understand their specific needs. We hope to provide these young people with skills and confidence to progress to the career of their choice. 

Our Museum is housed in temporary industrial units while we work to locate a suitably sized premises for the entire collection. We are working to bring our artefacts out of archive storage to prepare them for a permanent location.

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